Friday, March 23, 2007

Feeling Sad

My sister left yesterday. We had such a great week. I miss her so much. Sometimes it's so hard being miles away from the people you love, and I'm feeling that today. This last week wasn't event filled. We mostly rested, and relaxed. Since Jacquee was away from her normal business of three kids, it was nice to do a lot of relaxing. (Thank you Jay for letting me have your wife for a week, it means so much.) Yesterday, the boys and I went to Seattle to drop her off at the airport, then back home again. We spent the rest of the day moping around, and sleeping. Chris and I were both wasted, and couldn't do much. Chris preach a real zinger in his homiletics class yesterday, and had some great reviews. I'm so proud of him.

Above is Jacquee and I out for dinner one evening, and below is JJ, Madison, and Emmalea wearing my belts.

Below is the boys getting into all of mom's personal hygene products, they thought the tampons were pretty cool!

Below is a huge goose egg madison got from falling on the corner of the wall. Ooch!
My sister is quite the photographer, so her and I had some fun taking pregnancy pictures. Here are a couple. Thanks Jacq for the great belly pictures. I will never forget the fun.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Is It May Yet?

The Boys LOVE pretending to make donuts, Chris and I are eating donuts all day long. They need their special Krispy Kream hats in order to make the donuts.
After we are finished making donuts. We like to fix things. And since I finally put new batteries in the drill, it's extra fun. And after a long day of playing, we get all clean, and help mom clean the bathroom walls.
Now we are ready for bed and are watching Over the Hedge in mom and dad's big bed. Mom is so happy that we are settled, and calm...
For some reason it has been a long day for me. And I'm so ready for bed time. Sorry that I haven't been so good at updating the blog lately. I have been feeling pregnant!
Today I went to the hospital to get tested for gestational diabetes. I had to chug that orange drink. I actually don't mind it. It's like orange pop. So I think that I'm fine. I didn't feel any of the symptoms that I was supposed to be looking for. What I don't like is the needle part. You would think after having two babies, that I would get used to the needle thing. But I still hate it. Especially when the technician is rough and careless (like today). Anyways. The fun part of my hospital visit was registering. I went to the maternity ward, and filled out all the paper work. It was so exciting being there. All these fond memories came rolling back. And we are all excited for May to come.

Tyler has been learning his months in preschool, and we go over the date all the time. He keeps asking me if it is May yet. He is excited for the baby. When I told him this morning that I was going to the doctor, he asked me if I was going to have the baby. Quite often he tells me, as he's rubbing my tummy, that my baby is growing. He is knows that the time is coming soon.

Guess sister is coming to visit.
I'm so excited. It was a last minute trip idea. Jacquee and Madison are flying here on Tuesday. JJ and myself are driving down to Seattle to get her. (Isn't Seattle such a beautiful city!)So I'm sure I will put some more pictures of us on later. I have no idea what we are going to do, but I'm sure it will be fun. We always have fun together!

We've been having a tough time with potty training Tyler through the night. Both Chris and I are unsure if we are making the right decisions. We have been pretty persevering. We haven't wanted to give up...or retreat. So he has been going without diapers since Christmas, and has done pretty good, as long as he has no liquids in his belly. But now that he is on the top bunk it makes it challenging for him to want to get down and go in the middle of the night. We think that maybe he just isn't ready, so we put him in pull-ups and will continue to encourage and reward the dry nights. I have found potty training to be one of the hardest hurdles to far...(I'm sure there are many to come). I am thankful for rest I have had the last couple on days in not washing sheets!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Some Cute boys

Here are our boys getting some sweet hairdo's after bathtime.