Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Better Late than Never.

Here are some pics from the kids first day of preschool. This is Tyler's second year and JJ's first year. We told Tyler that he needed to look out for his brother. His reply to me was, "If someone bugs JJ I can hit them right dad?" I said not exactley. But Tyler did show his brother the ropes. It was VERY cute. Here are some pics...

They're Here....

It took only 5 short years but family has officially started migrating out west. It started with the Smith's, Russ (Kellee's dad) has been living out here for a month, working in the excavating business. Once their home in Brantford sells then Lisa and Brennen will be coming out this way to join him. We see Russ about 4 or 5 times a week. Usually just short 'pop-in' visits. He drops off doughnuts for the boys, lets them jump on him, eats dinner and then leaves. Just last

Wednesday Shawn (my brother) made his way out here. Love is in the air in beautiful BC, he has found a girl who will actually spend time alone with him. I think he would move anywhere to cash in that offer, it just so happens to be near us. He has been staying with us for almost a week, but he will be moving into his own place on Oct 1. He also just started a job today! He is laying brick with a friend of mine from our church.

So it is a bit of a shift for our family. We are used to being out here all by ourselves...we love having family close, but we are still adjusting.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Camp Awesome!

This is beyond late, but we spent the better part of the long weekend in Point Roberts (USA) at a camp that a friend of mine owns. He let us and 4 other families use the camp for a few days of awesome fun. It is pretty much 3 days of eating lots of food, letting our kids run wild, not showering, staying up way to late, and waking up ridiculously early. But yet it truly is Camp Awesome! Next year we have decided that we will make up shirts and the whole bit (right Andy!). But in all seriousness, it is a lot of fun just hanging out, not really doing a whole lot and enjoying the friendship we have with some truly 'awesome' people. Here are some pic highlights...

my boy working his mojo on the frew girl...way to go buddy!

the kiddies learning to shuck corn with auntie nadia

jj actually got one done!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Cool Guy. Amazing Message.

the man in the video is mark driscoll he is a pastor at a church here in seattle. he explains the Good News that God has for all of us in a very simple way.

not sure what the first few minutes are, ignore those guys, they are idiots. but skip ahead to 3:30 to hear from mark.