Monday, June 23, 2008

Our Father's Day Festivities

We have started a tradition of making Daddy breakfast in bed. Tyler loves making his dad breakfast, and helping with the whole thing!
The best part is eating daddy's breakfast.
After a relaxing morning, we went to the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society, it was a blast, we really had a great time.
Waiting in line at the mini train.
Mom and Emilee didn't get to go for a bad!
So we waited in the grass, and made cute faces instead!
Tyler love his new Varnet sunglasses!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Great Day!

Today was a great day. I had the privilege of participating in a baptismal service at our church. For those who arent familiar with what baptism is, it is quite simple the Bible Jesus calls all people to follow him. And to identify ourselves as his followers (or as a means of telling others publicly of our decision to follow him) he commands us to be baptized. The New Testament is littered with instances of people making a decision to follow Jesus with their lives and then being baptized.

Well today our church did something that we dont normally do. Following the sermon, the pastor invited anyone who wanted to be baptized to come forward and do so. We provided the change of clothes and towel if they didnt want to go home wet, oh yeah and we also provided the water.

It was a very fitting end to a sermon that our pastor preached on commitment. We were reminded this morning of what makes God vomit. Our indifference toward him. In fact he says so in Revelation 3:16, "So, because you are lukewarm - neither hot nor cold - I am about to spit (or vomit) you out of my mouth." Ouch. And our pastor asked a question that really resonated with Kellee and me...when this week did you have to depend on God? Sadly, I had to think about that, I have most of what I need, why do I need God?

And it was these same thoughts that people were challenged with as we gave our congregation the opportunity to step forward in baptism. Between our 3 services we had 13 people come forward for baptism. Most of them not planning that when they left their house in the morning. And I had the joy of helping these people take their next step in their relationship with Jesus. It was a great day!

Friday, June 6, 2008

My Arch Nemesis

It seems like every two years my arch nemesis rears its ugly head. And not only does it happen every two years, but it seems to happen at the worst possible moment!

About two years ago I was visiting Ontario and preparing to stand up in my best friends (Jay Grimes) wedding. It was the day before the wedding and Jay picked me up early in the day. It was then that I noticed I had a scratchy throat, sore neck, and just didnt quite feel 100 percent. But I knew that I would feel better after a day with the boys. So we did our thing that day, played paintball, had dinner, went to the hotel, shaved Jay's legs, it was fun. I still wasn't 100 percent but I certainly wasn't near death. We went to bed, had a good night sleep and then...

I woke up Saturday morning and I felt like I got hit by a truck. I couldn't open my mouth, swallow, or even breathe without being in excruciating pain. A friend of mine, Tim, drove me to the doctor, and I have very little memory of what happened after that, but the doctor told me I had tonsillitis. I ended up missing the wedding and spending the next 2.5 days in bed, pumping myself full of meds and trying to recover.

Well it happened again. I woke up Wednesday morning around 5am. I couldn't swallow, and something wasnt right. I went about my day, definitely under the weather, but I was alright. However when I woke up Thursday morning I was lights out sick, soaked with sweat from a fever, and decided to haul myself to the doctor. The doctor told me, that yet again, I have tonsillitis. I dragged myself back home and I am stuck in bed recovering.

This time I am not missing a wedding, I am missing our youth group's annual surf trip. Fortunately we were able to hire a bus driver to take my place for a mere $1500 and my leaders are able to hold down the fort. And my hope is that by Saturday morning I will have recovered enough to drive myself up to Tofino.

Curse my tonsils!