Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Emilee!

And Happy Birthday Jacquee!

We have had a great birthday celebration. We have been working with Emilee for a few weeks now to hold up her finger when we say "number one...number one" and she does it, it's super cute! This morning when we woke up I sang happy birthday to her, and she seem to know that it was a special song for her.

After church we had a little birthday party for her. It was lots of fun! There are the things that Emilee really enjoyed from her day:

pink icing,
her new baby
tissue paper
"number one..number one"
her new (noisy) piano

We had a nice day, and it was a lot of fun for us Mom and dad to celebrate this day with her, she sure is a special girl and we love her so much. A special thanks to Amy and Uncle Shawn for coming, and Grammy and Papa and Uncle Brennen for sharing in the special day.

Here are some pictures capturing some of the fun.