Wednesday, February 27, 2008

another video

Sorry to those who visit our blog. I have been horrible at updating the blog, for several reasons: every time i try and upload video to put on this lovely computer overheats, and it's kind of frustrating; I have been really bad at taking pictures of the kids, so there isn't much to put on. So I'm sorry!

We have been doing really good. Chris is in the full swing of ministry. He has been busy preparing to go to Mexico for spring break. I have taken on a bit of new business. I have started making sheep skin booties for a company called Little Dot's. I have had so much fun making these adorable little slippers. Other than that, we have been getting more and more settled, and trying to play more outside, seeing as how it has been so beautiful. I have started running again. There is a 1.5km path with a nice field, and trees behind our house, so I have been running there, and running up and down the stairs until I can't feel my legs anymore. It certainly feels good to be active!

The kids have been pretty good. We have all been battling colds, so it will be nice when there are no more runny noses. Well I should go and get the never ending laundry started!

Monday, February 25, 2008

it's been way too long