Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm 6 Right Dad!

Tyler was a little confused on Friday. We celebrated his fifth birthday with a basketball themed party. That was not confusing. The confusing part was that we celebrated his birthday with Shawn and Amy the Saturday before his birthday, then he had his birthday on Monday, then we had another party for his friends on Friday. So all day on Friday he kept asking me with a confused look, 'I am 6 today right dad?' His logic was he turned 5 on Monday, how could he be turning 5 again? We helped him figure it out and had a blast at the birthday party. Here are some pics:

Tyler with his brand new air hockey table
Ty sporting his new favorite Lighting McQueen helmet from Shawn and Amy
Emilee playing with her new doll house.The boys shooting hoops at the basketball birthday party. Dad was the ref!

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Niki said...

So sad we missed Ty's 6th birthday! ;) Looks likes lots of fun! Great cake too (as per usual)! Wish we could have been there celebrating with you guys. Hopefully we'll see you at the beginning of Sept. though!