Monday, August 11, 2008

Kidz Kamp

It has been a while since we have blogged. Sorry about that...

Life was very busy for us for a little while. Kellee was very involved in our churches 2 weeks of Kidz Kamp. She led the preschool portion of the program, and did a fantabulous job! And in the midst of all of that we had a japanese exchange student here for 2 weeks. That left dad running people all over the city and still try and get his own stuff done....but that is all over now and we are breathing a big sigh, just in time to welcome some visitors.

In about 2 hours my dad, brenda, and skylar will be arriving for almost 2 weeks. And in the middle of that Shawn and Amy will be coming for a few our 3 bedroom townhouse will be very full with 10, thats right 10 visitors...yikes.

well here is a little video of Kellee leading some songs at kidz kamp and as soon as youtube cooperates there will some really cute video of Tyler

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Anonymous said...

your wife sure has some sweet dance moves :)